My Story

My teenage years were slightly different in comparison to the average healthy teenager; I had additional responsibilities and concerns. Instead of focusing wholly on playing sports or assignments or socialising, my main priority was my health. I had to think about leaving class early each day to do daily injections, getting to doctor appointments, MRIs and my own immune system attacking my body. I was just 16 years old when I was told I had an autoimmune disease called Relapsing Remitting Multiple Sclerosis (MS). For someone who had never needed to go to hospital or hadn’t even heard of MS it was all very foreign, overwhelming and scary. 


After a few years of blood tests, MRIS, daily injections, stress eating, exhaustion, craving junk food, prescription drugs, poor self-talk, sleepless nights, anxiety, and emotions, ups and downs. I finally had this light bulb moment where I realised there had to be more to my health than all of this. Which is when my passion for nutrition really began. 


My personal experience, diploma and bachelor degree really made me tune in and listen to my body. It also made me aware of how disconnected I was from nature and myself. It truly shifted my perspective on life and opened me up to a completely different way of thinking, feeling and living. 


With my desire to help people combined with my passion for health and nutrition I couldn’t think of a better career other than practicing what I love, practice and preach, holistic nutrition. I look forward to sharing my knowledge with others and supporting them on their health journey. 


Bachelor of Nutrition and Dietetic Medicine

Member of AARPN 

Diploma of nutrition - Institute of Integrative Nutrition. 

Fruit Sandwiches


When you think about what is important in your life, what comes to your mind?.... Did it take you long to name your health? 


Some may have said family, money or happiness and although all those are important, how can we enjoy those fully without our health? Without our health, we really have nothing. 


So how can we take care of ourselves? When you give your body the right nourishment and tune in to support and connect within, the body has this incredible innate ability to thrive. In turn, life becomes so much more enjoyable. 


Holistic Nutrition not only takes into account the importance of what you eat, but how you think, feel, move, and believe. Each client is treated as an individual, because no two people are exactly the same. We are genetically, emotionally, biochemically, environmentally, socially and spiritually different.

Holistic approach to healing takes into account the whole person - mind, body and spirit. When each body system is addressed holistically and taken care of accordingly, the body can do its natural job to function optimally in synchronicity. 


With a holistic approach in mind, it’s also equally important to address individualised care.  When it comes to disease, it’s complex and what may work for one person, may not work for the next. This is why individualised treatment plans are so effective in prevention and management. 


Integrating current scientific evidence and traditional food wisdom, Britty is able to create treatment management plans suited to the individual.  

Britty can support you on your health journey by education, lifestyle modifications, nutritional supplementation, goal setting, meal plans and accountability. 



I saw Britty at a time I really needed guidance, accountability and a way forward in a whole mental and physical body sense.  Britty is so thorough in all she does;  she took time the really understand what was going on for me to provide me with relevant and useful information.  Britty works with the perfect mix of professionalism and genuine care for her clients wellbeing, making you feel comfortable and respected from the get go.  thanks to Britty and her treatment plan filled with so much knowledge, I felt empowered to follow Britty’s recommendations and make some changes to my daily nutrition that has given me so much more energy, clarity and awareness!  

I’m looking forward to continuing my journey with Britty to learn more about the holistic approach she takes to nutrition.  

~ Emily


I was so excited to hear that Britty was practicing in Mildura.  As a medicated autoimmune patient I have searched for the missing piece to assist my total wellbeing.  

Britty understood that I did not want to take more medication and that I wanted to draw as much wellness from my diet as possible.  Britty supported my journey with follow up messages and calls to see how I was going with the treatment plan.  The knowledge and care that I received during treatment with Britty was incomparable.  I highly recommend all who are seeing to take their body to the next level of wellness to go see Britty, we are truly lucky to have practitioners such as her in Mildura. 

~ Grace 


Brittany Christensen | Qualified Clinical Nutritionist | Mildura